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'I go to the Thai restaurant now and then and I have some friends from the temple but these more casual friendships,' she says.Research shows that this may be so for many Thai women living in Austria.'We are living comfortably and my life in Vienna is good,' says Nattakan.Unlike many Thai women living in Europe, Nattakan does not have a large extended family living in her native Saraburi province in Thailand who are dependent her for remittances to Thailand.Her husband Matthias is a qualified accountant now living in semi retirement.

'I find life in Austria far more straightforward and productive that was my life in Thailand, I am still proud to be Thai but I am also very proud to be an Austrian citizen.' Part of the requirement for obtaining Austrian citizenship was renunciation of her Thai citizenship.

Figures released from a study shows that in Austria there are over 4 Thai women to Thai men living in the country chiefly as a result of binational marriages between Austrian men and Thai women.

'Austria was a more popular destination for Thai women I think in the 80's and 90's but in recent years it has become more difficult for Austrian men to find Thai wives,' says James Morris, an internet commentator on Thai women seeking lives in foreign countries.

'My husband's family come in the evening and we have a quiet party,' she says.

Nattakan has a number of friends from Thailand living in Vienna but her main circle of friends are non Thai.

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