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That is weird, my hackles were up and I was highly suspicious. In all their scammy emails (you won the lotto, bank fake email in dire need, I am a solicitor…etc..) they talk like some British Baron from the 19th Century!

I sent him a curt and very short reply back asking for more details like where he lived and what did he do for a living and why did he take his profile down in only 2 days, and OMG, check out the phony idiotic email that came back. I really appreciate all the nice things you said and the fact that you’re still willing to give me a try. I never thought I’d try online dating but here I am. Linda , I already let you know that you’re a truly genuine and open person…I am very open, honest and caring…. favorite activities are basically anything to do with being outdoors..camping is one of my favorite things to do and also trying my hand at new things and I want you to know more about me ..first of all, I have now lost my mother and only have my father.

This is a tragic scam that hurts millions of people each year.

UPDATE 12-2-09 Many of you would like to have these bogus photos posted.

Another form of this online scam is seek out potential buyers through auction sites.

Remember, if you have not purchased a lottery ticket it is unlikely that you could have won anything specially if you need to pay to claim it.Tell your friends and please let the sites you have been betrayed on know what is happening.Someone needs to guard the gates a bit more carefully.A lot of these schemes are also what is commonly known as “Ponzi scheme” where early investors are paid high returns to entice more funds to flow in. One of the example of such scheme that is still operating is the Swiss Cash Fund (1948).Basically, in this scheme investors are paid using the funds that it is attracting until such time it collapse under its out flow of funds. Following are some related links: – Malaysia Central Bank warning – Swiss cash domain Info – Warning on swiss cash One can still make some good returns in online investments as long as the pay out is not unbelievably high.

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